What makes you make a knife???
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Why do you make knives Will?

A couple of years ago I had a factory blade break on me while I was dressing a deer, luckily I wasn't injured. My Godfather is a maker out in Wyoming and his "Godson, one time good deal" price was too steep for my pocket. Well I'm the kind of man that often decides to do it myself, after some research and inventorying my shop I set out on this knifemaking journey.

I enjoy making knives, there's something about them I find fascinating. Knives are man's earliest tool and really what separated us from the critters. What's the first thing you want in a survival situation besides a magic lamp? A knife. Knives are unique in that a knife is a tool that is often art, throughout history man has always had "fancy" knives.

My basic design concept is that a knife must be comfortable in a variety of grips including upside down. I try to avoid having sharp edges near the butt of the knife because it can become uncomfortable pretty quick. I like my knives to have an "organic" feel to them. To me that means no straight lines except on the cutting edge.

I relish the challenge of making a fine blade. Every day I spend working on knives I learn something new, whether it's a new heat treat method, better hammering technique or refining a finish, I' m striving to learn. Perhaps that's why I love forging so much, it gives me a lot of freedom and opportunities to experiment. I enjoy the satisfaction of making a blade I know can be handed down. I'll let you decide if I've suceeded in making an affordable, hard working knife.

Each knife is sole authorship. Except for smelting the ore and logging the trees, I, Will Leavitt, complete each task during construction by hand or using my hands to guide a tool. No CNC, nothing farmed out for "laser or water cutting", everything good or bad can be directly blamed on my grubby paws.

I have a "NO BS" guarranty. Simply put, as long as the knife wasn't abused I will do what it takes to make your knife right as long as I'm physically able. Sorry, I can't make my kids warrantee my work, heck, I can hardly get them to make their beds in the morning!

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