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You can choose from any steel you want as long as it's edge quenched 1084 with a satin finish. Sorry, but I don't do stainless and with as long as it took me to work a heat treat out for 1084 I don't have the time to develop another heat treat.

  Handle Materials
I offer a choice in handle materials. I prefer wood or phenolic (Micarta, G10 or the new Fibermascus) for a handle material. I don't like antler/horn on a using knife because there's a possibility of shrinkage.

I currently offer the following hardwoods for handle materials:

Cocobolo: One of my favorites, a very dense wood with wonderful orange, red, black and brown colors. It's tough hardwood that will last for a lifetime.

Ironwood A beautiful hardwood, brown, gold, red and black colors. It's tough and will last for a lifetime, it's more expensive than the cocobolo.

Bocote: Yellow, brown and black grain, very tough hardwood.

Paduak: A red hardwood, tough and dense.

Purpleheart: Just like the name implies, it's purplish, very dense hardwood.

Osage: Yellow/gold colors, will orange as it ages. Osage, mock orange, bodok an bois d' arc, it's one of the toughest woods you'll find.

Redwood Burl: Beautiful red with lots of burl "eyes" and swirls. Will darken with age but it's a beautiful wood.

Manzita Burl: Light brown, lots of beautiful "eyes" and swirls.

  Guard and Pin Options:
I use stainless steel, brass and nickle silver for guard, buttcap and pin materials. Every once in awhile I'll make up some mosaic pins and install them, but it's not often. I sometimes use micarta rods on micarta handled blades, just depends on the wish of the owner or if I have it on hand.

  Fancy Options:
I will use stag, ivory, mammoth or whatever you want. I just don't keep them onhand. Let me know what you want and I'll do it.