Places I visit on the WWW
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My Favorite Links:

Welcome to my links page, these are the various holes I hide in on the net.
If you think I've missed some (I know I have, I'll get to those in a few) email me and I'll post it.

My News Board
My news board, this is where I'll post what's going on with Leavitt Knives. Shows or just anything that I feel like. Feel free to post your own stuff on there.
Custom Knife Directories
CKD is a great site with tutorials, auctions, kit knives and an awesome forum for makers and collectors. I'm "Will Leavitt" on CKD.
Blade Forums
BF is a great site with over 18,000 members. Tutorials, great forums and lots of cutlery action with pass arounds, trades and sales. I'm "BadBamaUmp" on BF.
Primal Fires
Primal Fires is the home on the WWW for the Neo Tribals and anyone interested in a low cost or back to basics approach to knifemaking or lifestyle. Good people, the board is in it's second incarnation since Tim Lively closed the first one. I was "Will L" on PF, not sure now.
Keen Junk
Keen Junk.com, Home of the Junkyard Dog!!! Great place to learn about about bashing hot metal into usable forms.
Admiral Steel
Good steel supplier, I buy most of my stuff from them. Sadly they're not going to stock 1084 anymore but I'm going to go to 1080 when I run out of my stock of 1084.
Discount Abrasives
Kim at DA is an awesome lady to deal with. Great prices on abrasives, and no matter how little or how much you buy she treats you good.

ASA Archery
Shoot with the Pros!!! Join the ASA, the best 3D association in the nation. If you've never been to a 3D shoot with over 1200 archers you don't know what you're missing. I'm "Will L" on the board.
Bowhunters of Alabama
BHA, we're bowhunters lobbying for bowhunters in Alabama. I'm the State PR Director for the BHA. Join us and help us protect bowhunting in Alabama. We also run a 3D circuit with an exciting change for a $$$ trail next year.
Alabama Deer Hunting
ALDeer, THE site to find out about hunting in Dixie. Owned and operated by Alabama deer hunters. I'm "Will L" on ALDeer.

Will Leavitt