Knives For Sale (2)
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More knives for sale.
Here are some more knives for sale, if you don't see exactly what you want let me know and I'll do what I can to make what you want.

Wharncliff Everday Carry
Bocote EDC, 1/8" edge quenched 1084. Polished to 2000x then etched to bring out the temper line (actually a hardening line). A tapered tang to lighten the knife, Stainless Steel pins, 2 3/4" blade length, 6 1/2" overall length. This knife or a similar piece: 100.00 with a leather pouch sheath.

Osage Wharney EDC, 1/8" Edge Quenched 1084.  Hand rubbed to 1000x finish, etched to highlight the temperline.  Tapered tang, Osage handles with Stainless Steel pins and thong tube.  Similar knife is 100.00 shipped with a leather sheath.

Fat Bellied Bocote Hunter, 1/8" Edge Quenched 1084.  Rubbed to 1000x with a tapered tang, SS Pins and a leather sheath.  Similar knife is 100.00 shipped.

Fat Bellied Cocobolo Hunter:  1/8" Edge Quenched 1084, hand rubbed to 1000x.  Cocobolo with Stainless Steel Pins.  Similar knife with leather sheath is 100.00 shipped.

Bocote Drop Point Hunter
 1/8" edge quenched and triple tempered 1084, hand rubbed to 600x then etched to highlight the temperline. Bocote Scales with Stainless Steel pins and tube.  2 7/9" blade length, 6 1/2" overall length.  85.00 with a leather pouch sheath